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Vaping Concerns and How to Stay Safe With the Right CBD Products

If you like to partake in the new craze that is vaping, then you likely have heard about recent health problems in the news. Nobody wants to risk their health unnecessarily, and the prospect of dealing with avoidable lung problems can cause many people to give up on vaping entirely.

Individuals relying on their vape devices for cannabidiol (CBD) have found a range of healthful benefits, but may be avoiding consumption due to health concerns. That is perfectly understandable, which is why the team at PurBloom, LLC is here to provide a little bit of information to help you understand the materials to blame for recent health scares.

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What Substances Should I Be on the Lookout For?

The risk of ingesting dangerous substances rises exponentially if you were to invest in a counterfeit THC or CBD product. There are several additives commonly applied to vaping products to create a smoother, thicker pull. However, these materials may harbor hidden dangers that many people are not aware of.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has deemed the following products safe for consumption, but keep in mind that ingesting substances or applying them to the skin can result in much different reactions from inhalation. A few questionable additives to keep an eye out for include:

  • Vitamin E — While used in the food industry as a safe additive for ingestion, Vitamin E acetate is becoming known to cause problems in the lungs. This additive is used as a thickening agent in vaping products, and is known to be thick and sticky. When inhaled, professionals are concerned that the oil will “stick around,” impacting the lungs’ ability to work correctly.
  • Propylene glycol — Commonly used as a binding agent, propylene glycol is a commonly utilized substance to create even draws from vape devices. Medical professionals have found that PG is safe to consume in small amounts, but high concentrations can cause lung irritation.
  • Polyethylene glycol — Often used to cut THC and CBD liquids, PEG (the same additive used in antifreeze) has been found as safe to use. However, consuming a lot of polyethylene glycol can result in the ingestion of multiple carcinogens. In combination with heat from the coils, PEG may prove to be dangerous.
  • Vegetable glycerin — While considered safe to eat, drink, or apply to the skin, vegetable glycerin has not been approved for inhalation use. Medical experts are now positing that this agent can cause damage to the body’s cells, creating long-term health concerns for those inhaling it on a regular basis.

Vaping and a Lack of Industry Regulation

Since it was made legal at a federal level, industrial hemp has garnered a reputation for providing citizens with the relief they want without the concern of heavy industry regulation. However, the lack of regulatory systems for this new industry may leave a lot of room for less-than-reputable companies to thrive. Many counterfeit products have been found to contain a high percentage of the additives mentioned above. If you decide to continue vaping, then be sure that your products come from a trustworthy source!

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