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The Role of CBD Products in Fighting America’s Opioid Epidemic

The War on Drugs was enacted to create a unified front against the use of illicit and otherwise illegal substances. Unfortunately, the overutilization of prescription drugs for opioids has proven in recent years to be both legal and problematic for patients caught in the middle of addiction with no clear path to success. When prescription drugs become unavailable, many individuals turn toward dangerous street drugs such as fentanyl and heroin to manage their pain, which often leads to issues with overuse and addiction.

While there is no one answer for solving the opioid crisis in our country, quality alternatives such as Cannabidiol (CBD) products have gained a serious following, including patients, loved ones, and doctors. PurBloom, LLC is here to serve as your guide for the best CBD products online, relying on our industry experience and the best hemp plants to provide ideal results for all of our customers. We understand that finding the right solution is important, and will work with you to find the right product for your specific needs.

We’re passionate about providing the best for people, and are always looking for ways in which our CBD oils and tinctures can make life better. Today, we’ll highlight the role that CBD may play in the ongoing opioid struggle, as well as the power of our products as an alternative approach.

A Growing Problem

Near the turn of the century, pharmaceutical companies were asked about the potential for addiction and abuse resulting from the increasingly common use of opioid painkillers. Professionals reassured the public that there was no need to worry, further increasing the use of these opium-like compounds.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), more than 47,000 Americans died of opioid overdoses, including both legal and illicit uses. Consequently, more than 130 people are dying every single day due to opioid overdoses. It’s important to remember that this rate is more deadly than the AIDS epidemic was at its peak. Drug overdoses are now also outnumbering deaths from gun violence and automobile accidents, placing it high up on the list of preventable deaths.

Increasing Awareness

In order to combat the growing opioid crisis, we will all need to work together to raise awareness about the prevalence and dangers associated with this substance. More research and resources are needed to assist in improving treatment options, as well as top-notch support to better manage pain. Doctors will be tasked with finding safe alternatives to opioids, balancing those who truly need the medication with those who can benefit from other means.

Hopeful Alternatives

While more programs are being developed to address this growing epidemic, scientists are looking at the use of Cannabidiol as an effective alternative to the many opioids available today. The increasing popularity of marijuana and THC-infused products across the country has given professionals more room to investigate the potential that CBD has in health-related applications, including the treatment of pain.

The benefits of CBD may include treatment for those dealing with an addiction to opioids. While our points mentioned below follow industry statistics and modern views, bear in mind that they are not the authority on how effective Cannabidiol can be at treating your problem. CBD is beneficial in numerous ways, especially when it comes to addressing issues specifically associated with chronic pain and opioid abuse.

  • CBD helps to reduce pain. Cannabidiol has long been considered a quality alternative for pain management. CBD has also shown positive trends in delivering pain reduction when other methods aren’t effective. This is essential for patients in need of pain control, especially those who have been users of prescription painkillers.
  • CBD is not addictive. Recent results from the World Health Organization have shown that CBD products are not addicting, providing an ideal starting point for those dealing with chronic pain. You can focus on managing your pain without having to worry about becoming dependent.
  • CBD is shown to be safe. There is very little room for error when taking opioids, as the deadly statistics can tell. Cannabidiols so far have been found to be safe for human use, as well as pets. Users may experience rare side effects such as dry mouth, fatigue, diarrhea, and reduced appetite, but these risks are much less serious when compared to the dangers of heroin, fentanyl, and prescription pills.

Ready for CBD?

The overall benefits and safety of CBD products per scientific studies compared to opioids can make it plain to see how the former is an excellent alternative to the latter. In some cases, CBD may prove an ideal tool throughout the detox process. There are many benefits associated with CBD, including pain treatment, reduction of anxiety, and improvements in mood. When it comes to opioids, CBD products may prove to be an ideal alternative. 

Cannabidiol has grown to be a popular option for patients with a variety of medical concerns to address. Those with trouble eating, lots of anxiety, or insomnia may find that the relaxing and anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD may be an ideal solution. 

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