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The Importance of Finding a High-Quality Source for CBD Oil

As of 2018, industrial hemp has become a legal commodity for consumption in the US marketplace. As long as cannabidiol (CBD) products rate less than .3% THC, they can be sold almost anywhere. If you’ve been looking for CBD online, it’s essential to find the right source to deliver both long-term benefits and protection from unwanted contaminants. With so many stores and sellers offering CBD, it’s essential to find a source you can trust, and that is why PurBloom is here today!

Our company offers high-quality CBD oils for sale in tincture, capsule, and topical form. We know how vital consistency and quality are in this industry, and strive to provide top-notch products derived from safe farming and harvesting practices.

Today, we’ll highlight four areas of importance to remember when it comes to finding high-quality CBD products. If you’re ready to find CBD, you can browse our online store to begin!

Avoiding Pesticides, Chemicals, and More

Like all plants, cannabis requires a full range of care and attention throughout the growth process to create the best results. Many farmers will develop methods to generate the highest yield and highest level of quality, and for those not worried about quality or safety, this can include stimulants to create unnatural growth. Many farmers also include the elimination of invasive pests, bugs, and spores through the use of pesticides and herbicides. 

Unfortunately, the use of any chemicals will likely alter the final product. Harmful pesticides are carcinogenic in nature and can leave residuals in the plant, putting consumers at risk. Our advice? Find an all-natural source for CBD oil from hemp grown without dangerous add-ons.

Be Wary of Residual Solvents

While industry standards have raised over the years, many consumers still risk ending up with inferior CBD products. Beyond the lower level of quality or consistency, you may also be ingesting a range of solvents utilized during the extraction process. Oils, CO2, butane, and other products are available to help draw the cannabidiol out of the hemp plant, but remember that these products may leave behind unwanted residuals.

Your CBD oil should be derived from a safe extraction method (such as CO2) for the healthiest results. Purveyors of low-quality CBD products may rely on inferior techniques to save on costs, so be sure to check before you buy!

Minimize Mold Exposure

Improper growing, drying, and harvesting techniques throughout the process of harvesting CBD can increase the risk of mold growth. Humidity, for example, is one key environmental factor that must be consistent throughout the process. If the humidity in your grow house or farm were to raise above 65%, the risk of mold growth would raise tenfold. Leaving the room too dry will dry the hemp out too fast, creating inconsistent results. Proper growing of CBD is not a simple process, as farmers rely on a range of tools such as hygrometers, circulating fans, and dehumidifiers to keep conditions consistent.

Where your CBD is made will play a role in minimizing exposure to outside bacteria as well. CBD oils produced in an unclean environment can bring in harmful bacteria, which can impact the quality of the oil and create health risks for humans. Proper growing and harvesting techniques should be upheld at all times to minimize any dangerous contaminants inherent in the environment.

Avoid Mystery Genetics

Much like a purebred German Shepherd, the outcome of your CBD will depend largely on the hemp flower’s genetics. With so much excitement around the CBD industry and almost no regulation established for quality, many consumers end up purchasing products with no traceable genetics. This may not negatively impact your experience, but it will be hard for many people to achieve a consistent dosage and quality of life if the source of the hemp concentrate varies. PurBloom recommends finding CBD online with complete traceability of all products, from genetics to the finished product.

Feel the Quality of PurBloom!

If you’ve been unsure where to start when buying CBD online, our professional team is here to help! We source all of our CBD oils, capsules, and topicals from one local farm to get the job done. CFH Ltd. of Colorado shares the same passion as us for setting the standard for high-quality CBD products. We work closely with our partner to provide CBD that is:

  • Comprised of full-spectrum CBD oil from hemp flowers.
  • Hand-harvested from one 1100-acre farm.
  • Organically grown, environmentally sustainable, and non-GMO.
  • Certified with proof available for all CBD products.
  • Completely traceable, including plant genetics.
  • Approved by the Colorado Department of Health & Environment
  • Tested and verified as industrial hemp; less than .3% THC present
  • Free of herbicides and pesticides 

Ready to Get Started?

PurBloom, LLC is here to provide high-quality CBD products online for those in need, including our CBD oils, capsules, and Pain Relief Cream. Browse our shop to explore our inventory, and take advantage of our free shipping. You can also contact us online with any questions. We look forward to helping you thrive!