CBD for Pets

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As the benefits of CBD oil become more and more widely known, they could make a huge difference for your furry friend. Thanks to PurBloom’s partnership with CFH Ltd., a premier organic CBD product company in Colorado, we proudly offer tinctures, soft gels, and creams that can easily integrate into your pet’s daily life. We know that CBD products are flooding the market today, making it difficult to identify who’s doing a good job and who isn’t. That’s why we did our homework and found a source that’s unrelenting in its commitment to producing the best therapeutic, organic CBD products in the industry.

Did you know that your pet has the same endocannabinoid system that you have? This system produces cannabinoids to regulate pain sensation, mood, appetite, memory, and more. Just like you, if your pet has a cannabinoid deficiency, it can show up in illness, anxiety, and other issues. CBD oil may change everything. However, when it comes to giving your pet CBD oil, the best first step you can take is to consult with your pet’s veterinarian, who should be able to give you guidance on dosage amounts and best practices. For instance, in some states where medical marijuana is legal for people, it hasn’t become legal for pets yet. Additionally, low-quality CBD products containing THC can be toxic to animals, which is why purity and excellence are so important. When you buy from PurBloom, you can rest assured you’re getting CBD from hemp flowers that have been sourced from a single farm. Consistency, quality, and purity are givens. Buy yours today.