Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month has been observed in May in the United States since 1949. We have come a long way since 1949 in destigmatizing mental illness. But we still have a long way to go.

This is Dorelle, one of the co-founders of PurBloom. I have a personal and ongoing experience of mental illness. Someone very dear to me has a mental illness that impacts their life and wellbeing in an ongoing way. I am blessed that, until now, mental illness is not part of my personal experience. But I, like so many, have watched a loved one, held a loved one and supported someone we care about deeply as their brain chemistry hijacks their experience of life and regularly robs their ability to experience joy. Mental illness is not a lack of will. It is not about just seeing the positive nor is it within the realm of choice. It is an illness like any other illness. Let’s all stand together, in solidarity, as advocates for de-stigmatization and wide availability of mental health care.

The isolation and social distancing made necessary by the current pandemic has not only impacted those currently addressing their mental illness, but has increased feelings of sadness, depression symptoms and related mood issues in those who may have never experienced these mood disorders before now. Mood disorders and mental illness are serious medical issues. It is vital to seek medical expertise and treatment if you are struggling. There are dietary and lifestyle choices that can support our mental health, but they are never a replacement for medical treatment when symptoms seriously impact your life and wellbeing.

CBD can support a sense of calm and wellbeing and be a helpful sleep aid. Many find it is an important element in their daily wellness regime. It should never be used to replace recommended medical treatment. But, if you find that CBD supports your wellness habits, our line of premium products offers organic, non-GMO hemp derived CBD, featuring consistent potency and a single source—from seed to seal.