CBD oil for anxiety

How to Use CBD Oil for Anxiety

Living with anxiety can make day-to-day life feel like a never-ending battle. Often, you feel like you’re sitting on the edge of your seat, constantly on high alert for no reason whatsoever. Not only can this interfere with the way you live your life, but it can also have negative consequences on your health.

Mitigation of anxiety induced symptoms are often a top concern for people who can’t seem to find relief from their anxiety. Unfortunately, traditionally prescribed anxiety medications such as Xanax, Klonopin, and Valium have all been shown to be extremely habit-forming, and may even potentially lead to dangerous addictions.

Unlike synthetic drugs, CBD oil is an all-natural compound found in the hemp plant that has been shown to elicit a sense of calm, provide relief from everyday stresses, and help reduce inflammation.

CBD works with your body’s endocannabinoid system to help improve overall wellness, and has been growing in popularity as a potential complementary or alternative treatment option for anxiety.

Does Using CBD Oil for Anxiety Actually Help?

Generally speaking, CBD (or cannabidiol) is non-intoxicating. Instead of producing the “high” commonly associated with marijuana, which contains high-levels of THC, CBD works by binding to one of 14 different serotonin receptors present in the human body (specifically, 5-HT1A) to stimulate neural generation in the hippocampus and produce full body anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects.

While some may be disappointed that legal CBD oil contains only 0.3% THC, this is ideal for those who suffer from anxiety, as THC may create feelings of anxiety in certain individuals.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

Due to the current lack of large-scale clinical trials on CBD use, there is no universally recommended dosage for CBD oil.

For this reason, individuals are encouraged to pay closer attention to how different amounts of CBD affect them physically, mentally, and emotionally. Doing so ultimately ensures that a more accurate dosage is determined on a case-by-case basis, and that each dosage is personalized to each individual’s unique needs.

Several factors must be taken into consideration when determining how much CBD oil you should take.

These include:

  • Body weight
  • Metabolism
  • Other medications currently taken
  • Severity of condition
  • CBD concentration

You should also consult with a physician or other trained professional to determine the ideal dosage for your situation.

Which Form of CBD is Best for Anxiety?

We’ll preface this section by saying there is no “best” form of CBD for helping with anxiety. That said, some forms of CBD have been known to work faster than others.

Below we breakdown the most popular forms of CBD to help you determine which may work best for your unique body type and lifestyle.

Tinctures & Oils

CBD oils and other tinctures such as oral sprays tend to take effect very quickly, sometimes within 10-15 minutes, and can last up to 3 – 4 hours. Since CBD is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through oils and sprays, they are a great option for immediate relief from anxiety created by unexpected and stressful situations.


With different types of edibles, such as gummies, dosing tends to be more consistent. Edibles also have the added advantage of being less conspicuous in public, as they simply look like any other candy or sweet.

Nevertheless, with edibles, it can often take up to an hour to feel the effects of the CBD, as it first passes through your gastrointestinal tract and liver before hitting the blood stream.


Consuming CBD in the form of smoke allows for quick entry into the bloodstream, allowing the user to benefit from its calming effects. It’s important to note that smoking any substance can severely inflame the lungs, which comes with its own health risks.

Moreover, measuring exact doses of CBD can be more difficult when you smoke, and you’ll need to smoke throughout the day as needed – which can be a problem if you live in a state with strict smoking laws.

Taking CBD for Anxiety

While CBD has been shown to have many positive effects on physical and mental wellbeing – many of which can help aid in reducing feelings of anxiety – it’s important to bear in mind that CBD affects everyone differently, and results can vary depending on how often you take CBD supplements.

If you decide to use CBD oil for anxiety, it’s best if you do so as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. We recommend you seek out a medical professional for additional guidance.