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Highlighting the Positive Effects of CBD on the Body

These days, it’s hard to search for natural alternatives to medications without reading about the full value of cannabidiol (CBD). Recent changes in Federal guidelines have allowed industrial hemp products to be bought and sold nationwide, making CBD products a top-notch choice in treating a variety of maladies. New research has established the value of cannabidiol for the body, with additional results paving the way for a promising future. What you purchase and where you buy from can both play a large role in your experience with CBD, so be sure to try the best!

PurBloom, LLC offers top-notch CBD products for sale online, including our oils, soft gels, and topicals. We’re dedicated to being your trusted source for CBD, and work hard to ensure all of our customers benefit from the best possible experience. The truth is that CBD works differently for each individual, and may or may not be perfect for your needs.

Keep reading to learn about the positive effects CBD can have on the body, and be sure to buy from our shop to find the perfect products to enhance your life!

Seeing the Quality

CBD oils have been found to be effective in helping an individual’s eyesight. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits of cannabidiol help to promote better visual health, but for patients dealing with health problems such as glaucoma, this natural option may provide serious results. Glaucoma is a degenerative disease that increases the amount of pressure on the inside of the eye. CBD products can help to reduce inflammation and the intraocular pressure around the eye, providing relief for hours at a time. As part of a regular treatment, CBD may prove to be the right supplement.

Happy, Healthy Limbs

From dedicated athletes to active grandparents, nearly everyone can benefit from the positive effects of CBD. This substance delivers a full range of support to help your body relax and heal, delivering a range of advantages when it comes to your arms and legs.

A few of the top reasons to try our CBD products for limb health include:

  • General pain — Swelling and inflammation can result from strains, pulls, past injuries, and more. CBD products may provide the relief you need for your aching joints, sore muscles, and more.
  • Bone density — Our bones are constantly breaking down and growing, providing a strong support structure for the body. CBD has the potential to promote optimal bone growth, increasing density and durability for patients in need.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis — In addition to the support offered by cannabidiol ingestion, you can also rely on topical CBD products to provide fast relief the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis.
  • Osteoporosis — By increasing the body’s cannabinoids, you can potentially stop your body’s bone loss. The CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors are tasked with regulating bone functions, including osteoclasts (absorbing the bone) and osteoblasts (forming the bone). 

Individuals have also reported success in treating their back pain with CBD oils. If you have an ailment you are trying to treat with quality CBD products, be sure to contact us today for further assistance!

Smooth Digestion

CBD has gained popularity for a range of reasons, with its value as an antiemetic being a top reason to give cannabidiol a shot. More and more Americans are suffering from the effects of digestive issues. New research has revealed just how closely linked our gut health is to our overall health, which is why you should do your research to find the best ways to maintain a healthy digestive tract.

The cannabinoid system plays a large part in our regulatory functions, including hunger, fullness, and more. When it comes to swelling in the gut and subsequent inflammation, CBD oil can provide the right relief. While more research is needed to establish the full role CBD plays in our gut health, preliminary results are looking favorable. Gut motility, for example, is the stretching and contractions of the gastrointestinal tract to control food as it is digested. If your GI tract is not working at full capacity, a range of issues can develop, including irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, and more. Recent studies have found that CBD products can help mediate your stomach’s motility, providing relief where it is often needed most. 

Strong Hearts

Heart disease has grown to be among the top killers in our country, and the rates are only worsening. Many customers are surprised to learn that CBD may lend a hand in improving heart health. If you’re looking for CBD products to help reduce your stress and anxiety, you’ll benefit from the reduced pressure placed on your hardest-working organ. A 2017 study found that humans who received CBD before being subjected to stressful situations benefitted from lower blood pressure. A separate study also found that cannabidiol helps to increase blood flow, helping those at risk for suffering a stroke. 

While a lot of research still needs to be done on the relationship between CBD and heart health, preliminary results look very promising. If you plan on ordering our CBD oils to improve your heart, be sure to speak with your physician first!

Quality Brain Support

CBD’s ability to interact with your brain’s cannabinoid receptors can result in a range of positive benefits. Many customers turn to our CBD products to achieve relief from stress and anxiety. Beyond the mood regulation associated with cannabidiol, individuals can also work to protect their brains from oxidative damage. Some studies have shown that CBD is effective in brain support, similar to vitamins E and C.

A recent study involving mice measured the brain’s neuroplasticity and ability to recover after being subjected to brain ischemia. The results also showed that CBD stimulated neurogenesis and effective restructuring for improved mental capacities. We’re excited to offer our CBD products to promote neuron growth and optimal brain health for our customers!

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*Our CBD products are intended to be used for supplemental purposes only and should not replace any current medications or restrictions. Be sure to contact your physician before starting any lifestyle changes in accordance with CBD!