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Welcome to PurBloom

Who We Are

PurBloom was established to make it easy for people to access the very best CBD products the industry has to offer. We understand how powerful CBD can be for people of all ages, and as the industry grows, we’re passionate about maintaining the highest level of quality, transparency, and excellence. We’ve done our homework and taken the time to find what we believe is the country’s best CBD supplier, a farm in Colorado run by bioscience and horticulture professionals who share our passion for organic excellence.

When you choose PurBloom, you can rest assured you’re getting non-GMO CBD oil in natural products that are easy to use in your daily life. We’re here to answer questions, provide quality, and make sure you feel confident as you take your wellness to the next level. Shop with us today to find your CBD online!

What Is CBD
The CFH CBD Difference

Why Choose Us?

We understand how powerful pure, high-quality CBD oil can be when it comes to supporting health and wellness. Refusing to compromise on excellence and purity, we source our products from leading CBD experts and do our homework to make sure we only sell the best CBD products.

What Our Customers Say

Complete Game Changer

"I severely broke my leg earlier in the year, with two fully compound fractures of my femur, and an open fracture of my patella, of which several of the six pieces protruded from the lower knee. The graphic nature of the injury aside, as you might imagine recovery has been very involved, and extremely painful. I began using CFH full spectrum CBD Pain Relief Balm soon after the hundreds of staples and sutures were removed, and it was a complete game changer.

I was hesitant to make a habit out of using the heavy narcotic painkillers I was subscribed (considering the very long road to recovery ahead), and over the counter pain meds of course help with general pain, but including CBD Balm into my morning routine of self massage over the trauma around my knee and quad has had a huge impact on localized pain. The balm doesn't help greatly with the very deep pain in the bones around where they are healing, but the difference in pain in the muscles and soft tissue around the injury and surgical trauma is night and day after applying the balm.

A deep rub down before physical therapy in the mornings, and another healthy application before bed, leave my day better off in so many ways: increased pain management allows me to physically push further during my therapy sessions, getting that jump on flexibility and  stretching, eases and increases my mobility for the day, having an active day makes it easier to want rest in the evening, and the extra pain management at night helps keep discomfort from disturbing my sleep, so I'm rested to repeat the process tomorrow. Healing has been very difficult, and I thank you for the help through this process CFH!"

-Will T.

Keep Up The Great Work

Thank you for the extra effort and the update on product delivery. I’ve been using hemp and CBD products 6 years. I’m a massage therapist and have even made my own salve to help clients relieve their pain. I have been using CBD for about 3 years to help me with social anxiety. Two years ago, I shared CBD with my mother as she was going through the death process and not finding pain relief with pharmaceuticals. The last three companies I purchased CBD from were nowhere near the quality of product,  rofessionalism of staff or as fairly priced. I also can tell that the taste of yours is not offensive, where the others were. Just popping a geltab left a nasty taste on my tongue and on my hand. Your CBD is clean tasting and more pure. Sometimes I pinprick a tab to directly apply oil on a sore or sore muscle and then put the remaining tab in my mouth. Yours definitely wins the flavor test.

Another reason I like yours best is because it’s all under one organic umbrella. Your seeds, your farm, your processing, your distribution comes from the same creator and I’m impressed with your dedication to quality. It’s better than making my own because I do not grow it. So, thank you, thank you, thank you and keep up the great work

A loyal customer,

-Konn Apostol

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